Collina Strada x Desigual

BRAVÒ COMPUTER partnered with Collina Strada and Desigual for their SS24 Collaboration Campaign, creating unique generative animations that blend natural landscapes with AI to form a psychedelic, shifting backdrop for Desigual's debut in generative AI.

Models were photographed in a studio, then transformed through precise post-production into stunning shapes that resembled the natural world. These forms were integrated into a constantly shifting AI generated backdrop, evoking imagery of deserted terrains and otherworldly landscapes.

This project showcases the innovative integration of generative assets within product campaigns, setting a new standard in the fusion of technology and fashion. The AI-generated animations provided a dynamic visual context, adding depth and movement to the video campaign.

This approach demonstrated the flexibility of generative AI in creating engaging fashion content. The collaboration between Collina Strada, Desigual, and BRAVÒ COMPUTER showed how technology could add a new dimension to fashion videos.