Artist spotlight

Ümüt Yildiz

Ümüt Yildiz is a lecturer of Creative Coding in Design at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, based in Cologne and Berlin. Since 2018, he has been exploring artificial intelligence, merging his academic insights with innovative collaborations. He has worked with artists like Cro and Allison Goldfrapp and brands such as Bulgari, Tod's, Vogue Italia, and Dolce & Gabbana, pushing the boundaries of technology. In 2022, Yildiz showcased his work at the NFT Pavilion of the Venice Biennale.
His creations explore themes of humanism and controversy through AI-enhanced visual materials. By integrating AI, he challenges traditional perceptions, introducing the concept of machine "memory"—free from human experience and culture. This approach creates intuitive and primordial visual works, inviting a deeper reflection on reality and the interplay between technology and human perception.

Artist spotlight

Brutal Integral

Brutal Integral emerges as a visionary collaboration between Studio Feix, led by the dynamic duo Philipp Feigenbutz and Anna-Maria Scharf, and the creative prowess of Fabian Maier-Bode.
This partnership is founded on a mutual dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional design, focusing on the exploration of unconventional possibilities for spaces, objects, and subjects. With a distinct penchant for the creation of uncomfortable furniture, Brutal Integral seeks to challenge and redefine the norms of comfort and utility in the living environment. This creative endeavor is characterized by its bold approach to design, where the integration of form, function, and concept defies traditional expectations.

Brutal Integral's projects are not just about aesthetic appeal but also about invoking a deeper reflection on the relationship between humans and their physical spaces. Through their innovative work, Feigenbutz, Scharf, and Maier-Bode aim to spark conversations and provoke thoughts about the ways in which design influences our daily lives, encouraging a reevaluation of what is considered ordinary or comfortable.

Artist spotlight

Hannelore Braisch

Hannelore Braisch, born in Bucharest, is a Berlin-based designer and digital artist specializing in conceptual design and art direction. She has worked with luxury brands and major record labels. Her current work focusses on the exploration and application of new technologies, including CGI, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and the integrationof these techniques into fashion and art.

Her digital creations, inspired by nature, break with traditional design conventions by combining futuristic,hyper-organic forms with real-world elements. Her creations explore themes such as alienation, and the tension between nature and technology, and her work emphasizes the fragility of the natural world in the midst of human progress.

Artist spotlight

Vittorio Maria Dal Maso

Vittorio Maria Dal Maso, is an artist and designer who operates at the nexus of technology, art, and the human spirit. With a focus on AI art for over five years, he masterfully blends cutting-edge technology with spiritual iconographies. His work debuted in London with an inaugural exhibition last year.

A previous BRAVÒ collaborator on Versace Jeans Couture’s FW23 AI Denim campaign, his innovative approach has led to projects for numerous other names in fashion and entertainment including Maison Valentino, Armani, Universal, and Sony Music.

Artist spotlight


Noper’s objective is to explore the tangible and intangible facets of life through technology. Drawing inspiration from global journeys and life experiences, Noper infuses his creations with unique depths and perspectives. By utilizing symbolism and technology as a canvas for storytelling, Noper invites us to observe contemporary life through an analog lens of childhood wonder and nostalgia.

Hailing from a background of traditional art mediums and professional career in graphic design & marketing, Noper was driven to seek out new mediums and discovered the boundless potential of AI in video art. Driven by passion, he took a bold step, leaving his office job to dedicate himself to the limitless possibilities that AI offered, immersing himself in creation and research. This marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in Noper’s artistic journey and led to the creation of his series naturalorder.

Artist spotlight

Max Kuwertz

Over the past decade, Max Kuwertz has honed his expertise in concept development and art direction, collaborating with high-profile clients including BMW, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. His tenure at renowned agencies such as Meiré und Meiré and Random Studio has refined his interdisciplinary skills, particularly at the nexus of design and technology, enhancing his ability to articulate complex ideas and concepts.

With the emergence of generative AI, Max has adeptly adapted to this paradigm, utilizing nuanced language to prompt generative AI model to craft any type of images. His work, which includes projects for La Gaîté Lyrique, Badland Magazine, and Samsung, is characterized by a fusion of familiar elements and innovative concepts, marking a continuous pursuit of groundbreaking artistic expression.