Collina Strada FW24

BRAVO COMPUTER served as the creative and technological partner for Collina Strada’s FW24 show, which transported guests into a rendered version of Collina’s gym—a place to temper the physical and psychological strength of women.

The set design centerpiece was a massive LED screen hovering above the catwalk, displaying a 10-minute loop video entirely developed by BRAVO COMPUTER’s Kevin Neal and Alec C. Bahta in collaboration with creative director Hillary Strada and Charlie Engman.

The LED screen played a central role in the show's overall impact, capturing the audience's attention with a continuous loop of visually striking AI-generated content. This innovative approach underscored the potential for AI in fashion, offering a unique way to enhance the atmosphere and engage the audience.

The visuals morphed fluidly, seamlessly transitioning through different set ups and dreamy animals, patterns and shapes, creating a captivating focal point for the entire event. Guests were drawn to the dynamic imagery, which added an extra layer of interest to the fashion show.

"The pastel unicorns, froggies and horsies cavorting on a screen over our heads at Collina Strada almost obscured the fact that we were sitting in a basement under Rockefeller Center" - BOF

The immersive use of technology extended beyond the catwalk, as the visuals served as a backdrop for the collection's lookbook, reinforcing the show's themes and aesthetics.

The collaboration between the creative and technological teams illustrated how fashion can be augmented with digital artistry, contributing to a memorable and distinctive experience.